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Our summary generator uses advanced AI technology to break down your long content into quick, digestible summaries in just one click. Use it to summarize your articles, academic papers, business reports, or any kind of content.

Get the Important Facts & Data

This text summarizer quickly extracts important information from large texts and presents complex content in engaging chunks. You get the most relevant and crucial data in just one click.

Choose Your Summary Length & Style

You can customize the length and format of the summary. Create a quick content overview for your blog post or get a detailed summary for your academic research. You’ve also got an option to generate the summary in paragraph form or bullet points.

Over 5000 users like you have used this summary generator to convert their lengthy text into efficient, 100% accurate summaries

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“During my PhD research, proved invaluable. It quickly distills the main ideas of complex academic papers. The tool`s precision in highlighting relevant data and arguments made my literature review process much more manageable.”

Alex Kim

Academic Researcher
“As a freelance writer, this text summarizer has been a game-changer for me. It efficiently condenses long articles, helping me research and write faster. The summaries are concise and comprehensive, saving me hours of reading.”


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How Does the Text Summary Generator Work?


Enter the Text

You can copy the text and paste it into the box above, or upload a file from your desktop. You can upload a Doc or PDF file.


Choose the Summary Length and Style

Choose your desired summary size between small, medium-length, and large summary options. Decide if you want the summary in paragraph form or bullet points.


Get Your Summary

Click the “Summarize” button, and you’ll get the summary in a few seconds. You can simply copy the generated summary or download it as a Doc or PDF file. That’s all!

What Kind of Content Can You Summarize with this Summary Generator?

Academic Papers

Quickly turn complex research papers or articles into easy to digest summaries.

Business Reports

Overwhelmed by business reports? Instantly get the key insights and data from extensive reports.

News Articles

Get the gist of current events and news stories without reading the full text.

Book Summaries

Create brief overviews of books for study or leisure reading.

Technical Documents

Struggling with technical jargon? Simplify technical content into digestible summaries.

Meeting Minutes

Need to recap meetings? Convert long meeting notes into clear, actionable points.

Ready to Transform Your Text? turns your lengthy texts into crisp, clear summaries with just one click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Summary Generator helps you summarize text online for free. Simply open, enter the text in the blank box, or upload a file, choose the summary length, and click summarize. Our advanced AI will create an accurate summary in less than a second. is one of the best free AI summarizing tools to create long and short summaries in one click. Our tool uses natural language processing and advanced AI technology to generate summaries that make sense.

All you have to do is input the text in the text box, set the length, and describe the summary style (paragraph or bullets). Our AI tool analyzes the text to identify key points using natural language processing (NLP) techniques. It then generates a summary, highlighting the important points. Review and refine the AI-generated summary to ensure accuracy.

Yes, can summarize a PDF or Word Document. It instantly extracts text from the document to create summaries.


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