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$9.95 / month

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  • 1 million Monthly Word Limit
  • Access To All Languages
  • Advance Editor Tool
  • Regular Technical Support
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  • Newest Features

Frequently Asked Questions offers a free plan summarizing articles, research papers, and any kind of text for up to 800 words. With a free account, you can access the dashboard.

With the Monthly plan, you can summarize up to 1 million words per month in more than 30 languages for just $9.95/month. You also get access to the advanced editor tool to edit text inside the tool. Plus, you get regular technical support, unlimited logins, and access to the newest features.

Choosing the Yearly plan for $59.95 over the monthly option at $9.95 means you’re saving nearly 50% annually. Plus, it expands the word limit to 10 million yearly, supports more than 50 languages, and includes all features of the Monthly plan, making it a more economical choice for heavy users.

Yes, you can easily upgrade to either the Monthly or Yearly plan to enjoy higher word limits, additional languages, the advanced editor tool, and other premium features.
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